I’m Nick Humez, and herewith is some doggerel

Meant to inform you that seeing my blog you’re all.

Verbally capering (spry saltarellos),

Herein I’ll print neither ranting or bellows,

But for the nonce hope to tweak your gray matter.

(Hey nonny no, baddabing,  yatta yatta.)

HumezMythSongs features ruminations by and about Nick Humez, his CD Myth Songs (FMI see http://www.mythsongs.com), and his various literary and artistic collaborations with Alex Humez, Rob Flynn, Leslie Edwards Humez, and others.

Note for folkies: The banjo shown here is an Arthur E. Smith five-string, made some time in the late 1970s. It was used extensively in the recording of Myth Songs.


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